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Substances of Concern Tracking

Identification and tracking hazardous or environmental concerning substances is an important activity for any company. This activity is often complex, involving internal and external stakeholders and different sources and formats of data.

Primoris has delivered a Power BI solution to a Swedish multinational company, allowing them to verify documentation and track the presence of such substances in their purchased parts, empowering strategic and operational decisions from business to part level to secure legal and environmental compliance.

Business Performance Tracking and Reporting

An important part of any new business is being able to track and report its success, which imply in identifying and tracking costs and revenues. Costs and revenues may come from different sources, in different formats and different measures, all factors that the report must account for.

Primoris has delivered an Excel-based solution for a Swedish multinational company, tracking, and reporting the performance of a new Aftermarket initiative in a reliable database format, allowing overview and analysis of business performance.

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Supply Chain Environmental Reporting

Environmental requirements fulfillment is one of the biggest topics for companies nowadays, in order to reach environmental goals sufficient decision support covering both internal and external stakeholders and processes is often required.

Primoris has delivered a Power BI solution to a Swedish multinational company based on internal and external data that enables global supply chain visibility of environmental performance and fulfillment, securing legal compliance.

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Purchasing Performance Visualization

Many companies struggle capturing a holistic and centralized view of their commercial data, specially when rapidly growing and expanding to new markets.

Primoris has delivered a Excel-based solution to a rapidly growing Scandinavian company, which allowed them to query data from numerous recently acquired subsidiaries, enabling a complete and interactive view of their Purchasing data, including global and local agreements.