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VBA Courses


VBA Basic

Introductory Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) course with the goal of creating familiarity with logic and concepts surrounding programming and applying core concepts in VBA to automate Excel.


The course starts from the basics and through theory, examples and exercises advances into the creation and deployment VBA Macros in Excel worksheets.

This course is aimed at companies and private people interested in automating and improving efficiency of their work through VBA programming.

No level of knowledge is required, about VBA, programming or otherwise. This course is directed to people with no previous programming experience.


The courses are always instructor-lead and available in live sessions in Gothenburg, at your location*, or online.

All Primoris courses contain examples and exercises to show the usage of the features in real-life situations.

The course has a total length of 16 hours, divided in four 4-hour sections, so that it can be taught both during the weekend, in two 8-hour sections or on evening in weekdays, in four 4-hour sections.

We provide trainings for single individuals or groups of any size. Students may be fitted into different groups. The ideal number of participants in one group is 10; however, classes may be booked with 8 to 12 participants.

Price: 3 050 SEK (excl. moms)

*Additional self-cost charges for travel expenses

Introductory Content:

  • History and application of VBA

  • VBA Coding Environment

  • Algorithms

  • Programming Elements


Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Elements:

  • Class

  • Object

  • Parameter

  • Argument

  • Function

  • Method



  • Mathematical

  • Text-related

  • Comparison

  • Logical


VBA Syntax:

  • Code Commenting

  • Code Verification

  • Code Execution


Programming Structures:

  • Conditional Clauses

  • Programming Loops


  • Outputs in the VBA Environment

  • Outputs as message boxes

  • Outputs as modifications in Excel files

VBA Basic
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